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Aqua Magnetic Locator w/Case: Specify Location

Aqua Magnetic Locator w/Case: Specify Location


The Aqua Magnetic Locator discovers valve boxes, surveyor's pins, septic tanks, sewer lids, and other ferrous metal objects buried vertically in the ground. Utilizes the proven principle of the dipping needle. It's unique "electric braking" feature prevents needle spin common to old style dipping needles, thereby reducing "finding time" - very cost efficient! The Aqua Locator is factory calibrated for your geographic location and comes complete with a shoulder strap, carrying case, and easy to follow instructions.

  • Compact/Lightweight

  • Nothing to break down: No switches, wires, or batteries

  • Instant top-view reading on large dial face

  • Locates through sand, rocks, weeds, snow, etc.Saves you many man-hours searching- saving you money!

  • Speeds service

With today's manpower costs you can't afford not having an Aqua on every service vehicle!
Please specify geographic zone when ordering.

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