Collection: Electronic Repairs

We service magnetic locators, line locators, leak detectors, and gas monitors.

Our trained, certified technicians make sure your electronic instruments are repaired, recalibrated and tested to industry standards. On top of that, we provide fast service when you need it most.

An estimate is provided upon evaluation.  Once approved, repair is completed and shipped back to you. All major brands repaired including 3M, BW/Honeywell, Biosystems, Chicago Steel Tape, Fisher, Goldak, Heath, Industrial Scientific, MSA, Vivax-Metrotech, Pipehorn, Radiodetection, RKI, Schonstedt, Subsite, Subsurface Locators to name a few.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Fill out form – Click Here for Downloadable pdf.
  2. Ship us your product along with filled out form
  3. Test your equipment once received back from us

Note:  At times, the product may not be economical to repair. However, some of our manufacturers do have Trade In Programs. We will notify you if this applies to your situation.



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