Vivax Metrotech 810 Pipe Locator – 810VM – $3048

Vivax Metrotech 810 Pipe Locator – 810VM









Metrotech VM-810 Pipe and Cable Locator

The instrument includes a distance sensitive left/right guidance system to provide accurate easy locating.

Compass display assists operator to anticipate both change of pipe direction and perpendicular lines (i.e. order service lines).

The NEW VM-810 is designed specifically as a single frequency true left/right locator with separated twin response
left/right antennas.

Includes conductive accessory wires, stake and carry case.

VM-810 – The Simplicity of One Button Locating

Classic Design
Distance Sensitive Left/Right GuidanceTM
Fast Response
Improved Clear & Backlit Display
Full Crisp Digital Sound
Precise Single Frequency
One Button Operation
Compact & Lightweight Rugged Construction
“Real Time” Fully Automatic Gain Adjustment
Water Resistant (IP54)
Retractable Antenna
Excellent Battery Life

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Quik-Mark - Blue

Quik-Mark – Blue

Marking Flags

Marking Flags

Flags - Custom Print

Flags – Custom Print

Metroclamp for Vivax 810

Metroclamp for Vivax 810