Ratchet Valve Wrench – 4’x7′ – EXRATCHWRENCH4 – $253

Ratchet Valve Wrench – 4’x7′ – EXRATCHWRENCH4










The 4ft – 7ft Ratcheting Valve Wrench (RVW) makes opening valves easy and safe! The RVW has been independently tested up to 777 ft. lbs. torque, so you know it can take on the toughest valves! Features Solid and telescoping shafts Makes operating valves easy and safe! No need to turn wrench 360°. Swivel socket key for easy nut alignment. Made from solid steel with ductile gear and pawl. Easily count turns using label on shaft. Removable handle allows for optional key (pentagon, etc.) to allow hydrant operation. Working parts fully replaceable (gear, pawl, pins, etc.).

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