Gas Chain Saw – 16″, Complete w/ Chain and Guide Bar – GASSAWPKG16 – $2715

Gas Chain Saw – 16″, Complete w/ Chain and Guide Bar – GASSAWPKG16



Powergrit Gas 16 Chain Saw includes Powergrit Chain, guide bar, oil, wrench set and manual.*  At last, the preferred way to cut your pipes… Safe and Dependable. It works great in tight spaces!
FEATURES & SAFETY BENEFITS: Use on Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, PVC Pipe and HDPE Pipe. Concrete pipe cutting chain also available. Narrow deep cutting up to 16 in. (40 cm) meaning an operator can cut up to 16″” pipe from one side of the trench. The 94 cc gas powered engine is safe with no gyroscopic rotation; this unit comes equipped with a Powergrit chain which, by design, grinds the pipe without risk of kick back.

*Optional 25 gal water tank with pump (1gpm @ 30psi) provides cooling and lubrication which is required when running saw.

What is Powergrit®? Utilizing a brazed layer diamond coating on a patent pending chain design, coupled with an extremely durable chain platform, Powergrit technology provides dramatically improves access to the cut with far less excavation. Single-side access reduces excavation time, operator effort, and total time to complete the job.
Product Benefits Include: Improved operator safety, Single-point access, Reduced excavation, Reduced labor time, Reduced operator effort. Easier to control while cutting.

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