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Eclipse #88 4ft Sampling Station – #88$798

        The Eclipse model #88 4ft sampling station is designed specifically for collecting bacteriological samples at a designated sampling point at the main water line. The #88 provides a designated sampling point to retrieve samples outside of home and businesses, therefore, reducing liability on private property and speeding sample collection times. The […]

Eclipse #88 4ft Sampling Station w/Stainless Steel Internal – #88SS$880

        The Eclipse #88-SS is a lead free, corrosion resistant 4ft sampling station for freezing climates. The Eclipse #88-SS is designed to provide a safe, secure and 24/7 accessible site for retrieving water samples from the water main.  It features an all surgical stainless-steel waterway housed inside a cast-aluminum lockable enclosure.  In […]

Eclipse #88 Repair Kit for Sampling Station – #88X884$3.81

    For models built and installed 2012 to present. For older models please call for assistance. This repair kit includes:  66S26 Plunger (1), 66S27 Seat Rubber (1), 66S28 Plunger Screw (1). Associated Product: