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Aqua Magnetic Locator w/Case: Specify Location – AQUAML$325

                The Aqua Magnetic Locator discovers valve boxes, surveyor’s pins, septic tanks, sewer lids, and other ferrous metal objects buried vertically in the ground. Utilizes the proven principle of the dipping needle. It’s unique “electric braking” feature prevents needle spin common to old style dipping needles, thereby reducing […]

Magnetic Locator – GA52CX$795

The GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects and energized power lines. Provides audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator’s tip is held directly over the target. This underground magnetic locator has been setting the standards for reliability and dependability. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily on-site […]

Magnetic Locator – GA72CD$945

            The GA-72Cd Magnetic Locator: So rugged and dependable it’s backed by a 5-year warranty. Schonstedt’s underground magnetic locators have been setting the standards for reliability and dependability for over 30 years. Easy-To-Use- The  GA-72Cd Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects and energized power lines. It […]

Magnetic Locator with Case – GA92XTD$945

              GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator: The Schonstedt XTd is the most portable Magnetic Locator ever made. One hand operation. Operates in both retracted and extended modes. Finger tip control of volume and sensitivity. Quick change battery compartment. Battery indicator. One hand operation makes finding faster, providing both audio and visual […]

Magnetic Locator w/Case – ML1M$850

  All-inclusive magnetic locator with simple, one-handed operation plus digital metrics. Detect edges of curb, valve and manhole covers, pipe joints. The ML series offers simple one-handed operation with an easy-to-learn keypad featuring only three buttons. The ML-1M is metered, offering you added features without added complexity. The digital meter provides for visual signal strength, […]

Magnetic Locator – Long – ML-3L$900

  ML-3 Long  Magnetic Locator offers durable one-handed operation that’s 100% waterproof. The ML-3 provides many of the items on our customers’ technological wish lists. The ML-3 long is 55″, making it the longest magnetic locator on the market. It allows you to make the biggest sweeps possible without compromising on accuracy. Greater reach to […]

Vivax Metrotech 810 Pipe Locator – 810VM$3048

              Metrotech VM-810 Pipe and Cable Locator The instrument includes a distance sensitive left/right guidance system to provide accurate easy locating. Compass display assists operator to anticipate both change of pipe direction and perpendicular lines (i.e. order service lines). The NEW VM-810 is designed specifically as a single frequency […]

Metroclamp for Vivax 810 4″ – 810VCLAMP$329

        4″  Metroclamp for Vivax 810. Uses include water service lines, electrical conduits and other applications where direct hook up is not feasible. Associated Product: