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5 Star Diffuser Hitch & Hose – 5STAR$2295

  The advanced “New Way” to flush out Fire Hydrants. “The Safe and Easy Way to do it Right”. Diffuser Features: The five star hydrant diffuser is very versatile and can be adjusted to five directional positions to suit field conditions. Comes standard with either a 15 or 25 foot hose. Special order hose lengths […]

5 Star Dechlorination Attachment – 5STARDECHLOR$455

      Five Star De-Chlorinator introduces any commonly used liquid de-chlorinating Agent.  The Five Star De-Chlorinator adds the proper quantity of liquid de-chlorinating agent to the water flow. The de-chlorinating agent is throughly mixed with the water in the Five Star Multi-Directional Hydrant Diffuser and the de-chlorinated water is then expelled. The control valve allows the operator to […]

5 Star Adaptor 4.5 x 2.5 NST – 5STARADAPTOR$185

          5 Star Hydrant Diffuser Adapter – 4.5″ x 2.5″ NST Used whenever flow limits exist or only hose nozzles are available. Associated Product:

5 Star Low Flow Adaptor w/ Quick Connect – 5STARLFADAPTOR$50

        5 Star Low Flow Adapter w/ Quick Connect Associated Product:

5 Star 2.5 fnst Hydrant Adapter with Test Cock – 5STARSAMPLER$45

                5 Star 2.5″ fnst Hydrant Adapter with Test Cock Associated Product:

Captor 5gal Calcium Thiosulfate – CAPTOR5$64

        Captor – 5 Gallon Calcium Thiosulfate Non-hazardous dechlorinating liquid. NSF approved Captor is perfect for dechlorinating newly installed water mains with higher chlorine residuals. NSF approved for contact with potable water systems. Non-hazardous, ready-to-use formulation with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 and little or no odor. How much to use? […]

D-CHLOR Dechlorinating Tablets 45 lb Pail – DCHLOR45$159

            D-CHLOR™ Dechlorination Tablets NOTE: The Clean Water Act requires dechlorination of all water containing more than 1ppm of chlorine being discharged to the environment. D-Chlor dechlorination tablets are ideal for use in applications that do not require a chlorine residual in the discharge, such as hydrant flushing. See links […]