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The Twist-Tite Wire Seal by Inner-Tite

High Security General Purpose Wire Seal The Twist-Tite Wire Seal is an excellent general purpose wire seal. The Twist-Tite Wire Seal features a tamper resistant one-way ratchet mechanism which prevents the wire from being backed out. The opaque acrylic body is designed to resist tampering attempts. The Twist-Tite is available in a variety of wire […]

Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock by Inner-Tite

Secures 2″ – 4″ Curb Boxes from Unauthorized Access The new Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock from Inner-Tite has been refined to provide even greater security against unauthorized access to gas and water curb box shut-off valves. The Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock features hardened locking claws that firmly grip the sidewalls of the curb box. Once […]

Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock Key – 6 foot length – by Inner-Tite

For use with Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock. To Order This Item email us here or give us a ring at 973-220-8029

Water Valve Locking Device by Inner-Tite

Secures a Variety of Water Valves The Water Valve Locking Device provides utility companies with a rugged means to secure shut-off valves. The Water Valve Locking Device features a heavy duty shackle that offers 9 different adjustment positions for easy installation on a variety of straight and 90 degree valves. This innovative locking device gives […]

CTV Plunger Style Barrel Locks and Keys for Water Utility Companies by Inner-Tite

Inner-Tite manufactures a wide range of Barrel Lock and Key Systems that are designed for security, high performance and long life. All Inner-Tite plunger style barrel locks feature critical security elements engineered to provide utility companies with a greater level of protection than other manufacturers offer. Inner-Tite barrel lock marketing policies provide customers an array […]

Water Meter Connection Nut Seal by Inner-Tite

Tamper Evident Seal for Water Meters The Water Meter Connection Nut Seal is a low cost way to discourage and reveal attempts to tamper with the meter connections. The seal is constructed of a specially engineered plastic that is extremely brittle and designed to fracture upon tampering and/or removal attempts. This serves as a visual […]

Reversible Open Box Wrench – BOXWRENCH4WAY$70

                Reversible Open Box Wrench – 15/16″, 1-1/16″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″ sizes in one convenient wrench. Open design provides easy tool cleanup from mud and other debris 4 sizes means you always have the right size for the fitting being installed Hi Vis orange highlighted trim makes wrench stand […]

Flow-Pressure Testing

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Backflow Devices

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Electronic Repairs

We service magnetic locators, line locators, leak detectors, and gas monitors. Our trained, certified technicians make sure your electronic instruments are repaired, recalibrated and tested to industry standards. On top of that, we provide fast service when you need it most. An estimate is provided upon evaluation.  Once approved, repair is completed and shipped back […]